Voter Prayer Guide

1. Pray for Life and Cultural Rethinking — Pray that millions of Americans who do not attend church might see right and wrong in an objective way, and that adopting a Biblical worldview will point them towards God’s view of morality. Abortion is not a complex issue, despite what some may argue. The protection of […]

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What is Freedom?

What is Freedom? The idea of freedom, or liberty, might be one of the most confused — and confusing — concepts in the modern liberal world. Most think of freedom in terms of self-expression, that is, their ability (or lack thereof) to express and pursue their individual desires and whatever path of self-fulfillment they think […]

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Pastors and Churches: Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Since 1954, churches have been told that they can no longer be as actively involved in the political process as they were before the Johnson Amendment.  Previously, pastors and churches financially supported and endorsed candidates while instructing the congregants on which candidate Christians should vote for and why.  That ended when a para-church organization criticized […]

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How To Register To Vote:

In order to vote a person must: Be 18 years of age or older Be a U.S. citizen Establish residency in the state they wish to vote Be registered by the state’s voter registration deadline Who can’t vote? A person convicted of a felony that has resulted in the loss of the right to vote, […]

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The Christian’s Responsibility to Government

By Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., founder of Liberty University Note: The following is a sermon originally written and presented by Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr, founding pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, and later published in the “Baptist Fundamentalism ’84 Sermons” book. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Perhaps George Orwell was thinking of this […]

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Why Christians Should Vote

From the Bible to the Ballot Box: Why and How Should Christians Vote Why Should Christians Vote? From A Civic and Historical Perspective: For many Christians, the responsibility to exercise our right and freedom to vote as American citizens may be self-evident. “Why should I vote?” is not a question, but rather a given: “Of […]

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